Sunday, December 23, 2007

It's been quite a year. James and I made an addition to our family. Jerusha was born on February 27. She was 6 lbs and 7 oz, 19 inches long and is our bundle of joy! We are living in Ephraim, attending Snow College. It was a long semester. I am doing the LPN (Licensed Practical Nursing) Program and being mom and James is a student, mom, and dad (and laundry man and dishwasher and cook and cleaner). He is just amazing!
We are currently in the Ephraim College 2nd Ward and have the very fun calling of Activity Chair- um...people. We get to plan the activities. who'da thunk!?! Our ward is full of couples that got married within the last year and are now pregnant. We decided to start the semester with friends or the potential of having friends so we would invite 1 couple over to our apartment for Sunday dinner and some games and so far, I ould say that we have friends but that is perspective.
This was Jerusha's first Christmas. She was very cute to watch. She actually enjoyed watching everyone else open their gifts and then she played with their toys and stuff after they put it down.
We had quite an emotional weekend. After our Veach family Christmas Party, there was news that took all of us by surprise. It made me personally reflect on life and love. I thought a lot about the Plan of Salvation and how perfectly our Heavenly Father has made this world and others. I found myself thinking about the gospel and how grateful I am to have grown up a member of the church and to have the testimony of eternal life! It's is such a blessing!