Thursday, December 11, 2008

Another update...I haven't figured the pictures out yet, but they will be coming as soon as finals week and my blasted LPN boards are over. Jerusha is quite a patient little girl. She is becoming very independent and mischievous (I know that's spelled wrong!!!) She has recently figured out how to zip and unzip things. She thinks it's funny when she unzips her pj's and flashes everyone and that's probably only because the first time she did it, both James and I laughed. What to do!!! Little Mallorie is seeming not so little as she continues to squirm and poke at my ribs. James and I are so excited to meet her though she need not come yet. This week was our last week of class and finals are next week. I have one and James may have one. I'm not actually sure what his finals looks like. But then, after that, the studying continues because I was crazy and waited until now to schedule my boards for my LPN test. I should have done it this summer but, things were crazy. We decided that it would be better to stay in somewhat of study mode after school was out and be able to take the test before the baby comes so New Years Eve is the big morning, 8am in Salt Lake for the mind reeling brain teaser. Wish me luck and pray hard. It's an expensive test!!! We love you all and will hopefully have lots of pictures next time!!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Well, here we are again! It's November and life is so fun and crazy! James is full time student and cheer coach and loving it, Jerusha and I just chill at home together and I have one class at school that keeps me somewhat smart, right? James and I decided recently that we really miss Ephraim and Snow College so we are trying to figure out how to make life down there work again for us so we move back though it may not be tomorrow. There has been a new addition to the Morgan Family- Magnum Royal and he is as cute as ever! Jerusha just loves to help when she can. She can't keep her lips off him. For those who haven't heard by now, we are having a little girl but not until January. I think Jerusha will be a great big sister but I keep dreaming that she tries to pick her up. We will see! Anyway, that is life now.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hello everyone. Well, for those of you who had the chance to read the last blog before I re-edited, we did have my niece Emma staying with us. The situation is a complicated one so to make a long story short, her mom passed away August 4th while Emma was with us. My mother in law didn't want many people to know but I found that out after the post so... Emma is with her dad now and took the news well. She hasn't been raised in the gospel but I think she understands better than I thought she would. James and the family are doing well. They know Tammy, Emma's mom, is in a better place. Another update of sorts, Jerusha is growing so fast and talking like a little monkey. She is learning new words all the time. The fetus is also growing quickly. Our doctor last speculated a boy because of a lower heart rate and the deciding day will be on Sept 10th. (There will be an update for the news!) James and I are both enrolled (or almost) for school this semester. We are both attending Utah Valley University aka UVSC. He will be full time and I part time. It will be a interesting semester. Well, Lots of love all!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hi all!
We have had a crazy week and a half and now you all get to hear about it. We got back this last Saturday from 2 reunions. The first one was James' immediate family. We went to Island Park Idaho where Jay and Dana have property and a small cabin, we cooked meals, did skits with the little children, played in the river that runs past their house, 4 wheeled, and even had a grizzly bear scare. Jerusha had a blast! She got to play with 5 little girls under the age of 6 and one little boy that's about 10 months old. He was probably her favorite because she could hug him when ever she wanted to! We had a great time and we love you all!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

July 4th is over and can I say that I am quite relieved! We had so much fun! My morning started at 4:30am with Andrea and Magnum so that we would have a spot in the parade and the adventure just continued. We got to center street in Provo and were looking for a spot. The rules of the parade this year are that you can't set your stuff out until 5am and you have to be sitting with it and if you weren't sitting with it, it can be moved. Well, we found someones stuff that wasn't being attended and Magnum asked a cop if he could move it. The cop said yes so he did and we took the shady spot. Magnum was quite nervous for the confrontation and we came up with almost every scenario that we think of for a bad situation to happen. Well needless to say, we didn't come up with the one that happened. A little hispanic lady with her son approached us and in very broken English asked us who moved her stuff. Magnum admitted to it and she asked why. We told her that the
cops told us it was okay for us to move and that she needed someone to be sitting with her stuff. Her son was with her interpreting for us and she left to retrieve her things (4 chairs and a blanket) and came back. She set up one of her chairs right in front of Andrea in the middle of our stuff so I stood up and asked her to move it and apologized. She said " Sorry, no! You bad people!" We laughed for a little while and felt bad but we had gotten up and sat with our stuff for a seat in the parade and she could have too! (I hope not to offend anyone reading this!!!) Anyway, the parade was great!! Jerusha loved the bands and the big balloons. She danced to the music and plugged her ears for the sirens and gave Governor Huntsman a high five. She was very fun to watch! James walked with UVU as a stunt man and student council dude! Very good looking! Anyway, Love you all!

Monday, June 16, 2008

I'm really good at this thing!

Sorry again!!! But the summer has started and we have moved to Provo. My life has calmed down considerably and Jerusha now has a mommy! She is also going to be a big sister but not until January 8th or so they say. I am actually sitting at the computer with Rachel asking her how to run this thing. She is quite helpful, considering I'd forgotten what the name of my blog even was. Wow, my brain!!! Anyway, James and I are living with his parents in Provo. We will become the official housesitters in September when Jay and Dana go to China to teach oral english at a university. They are very excited and a little nervous. James is enrolled at UVU (UVSC) and is part of the student council. He may also be an advisor for the "yell" leaders there but we have heard the official word on that one yet. I am enrolled in 2 online classes through Weber State and may actually (someday) get around to taking my LPN test to make it official. Jerusha is a busy little bee. She is a walking, talking (not audibly) and laughing little monster. We love her. She loves to read and swim in her little pool. She has recently decided that it's okay to play by herself. Her best friends are her teddy bear, my garbage can, and the 3 little rocks out in Jay's garden. Life is great! (and I will figure out the picture thing!)

Thursday, March 6, 2008

I'll get the hand of this thing!

I woke up this morning and realized that I haven't updated this thing in forever and I have cute pictures of my baby girl from her first birthday. I decided to figure this blog thing out and get the pictures on today!
We have been crazy busy! We are still going strong in school and we are over the half way mark and are very excited about that! I think there is going to have to be a vacation in May after we graduate to celebrate and not have to think about anything! My clinicals are almost over and they have been quite fun! Jerusha and I love James so much! James is a great dad and such a hard worker. I think he is more excited about this school year to be over than I am! The end is in sight!
This morning, I also decided that I wanted to try to pull Jerusha's hair into some kind of something on the top of her head. There were a few problems though. Her hair is long and thin (whoda thunk?!), she is one year old and doesn't hold still, and then, about 2 second into gathering her hair, she didn't want it done. We started out on the computer chair with her on my lap. I couldn't fill her hands with something to do fast enough to get the little barette in. Then we moved into the bathroom on the counter. That lasted about 2 minutes, without success, and ended with a cup of water still on the counter and almost a new outfit 20 minutes into the day. Next, she sat on her birthday big girl potty and I was in the tub. She knows how to get of of it! Last we ended in the highchair and she wasn't very happy but I succeeded and she has about 1 inch of hair sticking straight off the top of her head. Needless to say that my 10 minute job to get a hair clip in, stayed about 5 minutes before she pulled it out! I think the best part of the story is when I gave her a cup of OJ and put the clip in while she drank in about 20 seconds!
Jerusha actually has been to the doctor about 3 times in the last week. The day before her birthday, she go pink eye, the day after her birthday, she had shots, and then Sunday she got a cough and James took her in Wednesday when it hadn't gotten better. She has a small case of bronchitis but is still happy!

Monday, January 14, 2008

And the year continues! We have started school again! James and I are both full time students. Jerusha is a little angel! She has actually started to do things on command. She will fold her arms when we pray and she knows where my nose is. She is a little mover. She crawls so fast, we have to really keep up and keep clean. A while ago, we propped up our dvd shelf so she wouldn't pull all of our dvd's off and now she can reach again! She is just growing so fast.