Thursday, December 11, 2008

Another update...I haven't figured the pictures out yet, but they will be coming as soon as finals week and my blasted LPN boards are over. Jerusha is quite a patient little girl. She is becoming very independent and mischievous (I know that's spelled wrong!!!) She has recently figured out how to zip and unzip things. She thinks it's funny when she unzips her pj's and flashes everyone and that's probably only because the first time she did it, both James and I laughed. What to do!!! Little Mallorie is seeming not so little as she continues to squirm and poke at my ribs. James and I are so excited to meet her though she need not come yet. This week was our last week of class and finals are next week. I have one and James may have one. I'm not actually sure what his finals looks like. But then, after that, the studying continues because I was crazy and waited until now to schedule my boards for my LPN test. I should have done it this summer but, things were crazy. We decided that it would be better to stay in somewhat of study mode after school was out and be able to take the test before the baby comes so New Years Eve is the big morning, 8am in Salt Lake for the mind reeling brain teaser. Wish me luck and pray hard. It's an expensive test!!! We love you all and will hopefully have lots of pictures next time!!!