Monday, April 20, 2009

And life continues! Jerusha is getting tall and talking more and more every day even after we thought she could say about all she could, she just keeps surprising us. Yesterday Jerusha and I we the only ones awake and she was eating some goldfish that she'd found in the diaper bag. She was playing on my like I was a jungle gym and there was nothing I could do to get her to play with some toys when she accidently dumps out the entire bag of goldfish on the rug (the rug that eats everything that lands on it aside of the children). I was a little frustrated and told Jerusha and a stern voice that she needed to help me clean up the mess. I think she must have caught on that I was a little frustrated and she came over to help and says to me "Relax Mommy". I took a step back and realized she was right. Oh the insights of toddlers!
Mallorie is revealing her little personality. She is ticklish and if I can get her at the right moment, she giggles a little. She is very smily and so happy most of the time. She isn't a very good eater so her moodiness comes from hungar most of the time. My favorite thing about Mallorie's size right now is that her legs are still really short so all the clothes I put her in hide her feet where everything else about the outfit fits really well.
James is almost done with his semester of school and is very excited about it! Otherwise we are just hanging out and doing some spring cleaning that doesn't seem like it will end. It's amazing the little things that we find that we don't use over time!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

A day in the life of a two year old

So I have the funniest toddler ever and thought that I should probably write down all of the funny things that she does and what better a place than here to share these thoughts with everyone!
Jerusha is a water baby! When the weather is too cold (as it has been lately) to play outside and she wants to play with water, we turn our kitchen sink on to a small dribble and let her sit on a stool and splash as long as she keeps the water in the sink. She is very good at this as we let her do this often. Well, today, James turned the water on and was cooking and keeping track of her, I was switching laundry and putting Mallorie to down for a nap and somewhere in the days work, she was left alone in the kitchen for but a few minutes. The next thing we know, she is hollering for "DADDY!!!" and James walks into the kitchen. I saw him from the other room look at me and then at her and say"uh oh" with a huge grin on his face. Unfortunately for me, he was on his way out to work and I was left with a small pond on my kitchen floor. I, too, was choking back some giggles as Jerusha and I cleaned up the mess as she repeatedly reassured me that "It's okay Mommy, it's okay." 4 bath towels later, our small pond was clean as was our floor!

On the last day of our Disneyland trip, Jerusha's only nap place was in our stroller (which is actually the Morgans stroller) which held the day's lunch and snack in the basket on the bottom. Among those snacks was a box of vegetable thins....
I laid Jerusha down, gave her a blanket and told her it was naptime and that she needed to go to sleep. She laid down and was quiet or so I thought. The next thing I hear is "Ha ha ha, that's so funny!" in a fake and dramatic laugh. So I peek in the stroller and see that she as found the box of vegetable thins and is eating them, laughing and telling herself that she is "so funny". I let her be and a few minutes later, she returned the crackers to the basket and went to sleep.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


We flew out bright and early on Saturday morning and got to the Wayne County Airport. The flight was kinda crazy because Jerusha's ears were acting up on her and she was not to be calmed easily. She has become quite a daddy's girl! We found our hotel and a target to find food. Rachel went to the Young Women's Broadcast with a friend. The church building that we found that was the closest at 9 am was a polynesian ward. Rachel was a little nervous at first but after a kiss on the cheek from the young woman's counselor and the friendliness of the other girls, she felt better. Sacrament meeting was interesting. 2/3rds of the meeting was in a different language and it was very neat. Disneyland was on Monday and Tuesday. Rachel and I went to town the first day with many breaks with the girls. We had so much fun! Monday night and Tuesday morning James was with us and we watched the Pixar Parade and Rachel rode the Tower of Terror with James and Soaring over California with me. We went swimming at the hotel. I absolutely love to watch others get excited! It is so fun for me. I can see the excitement in Jerusha's eyes as she takes it all in! James is the proud coach of the National winning team of Utah Valley University Cheerleaders! They brought home the title! It was so amazing! I love that man and his ambition!

This was the stroller that these two girls spent most of their time in. Sometimes by choice others not! Jerusha loved to climb in and out and play in the back seat.

Jerusha loved looking for all the characters but wouldn't get too close and when we stood next to any of them she would just stare at them and put her fingers in her mouth.

She found a fence that was just her size to stand on and walk along. It was so much fun for her.

We stayed at the Anabella across the street from Disneyland. The room was considered a suite. It had a room off the side with a TV which we let Rachel stay in, the couch was a hide-a-bed where Jerusha stayed and Mallorie got the unused couch cushion under the night stand on my side of the bed which was opposite the air conditioner.