Monday, June 16, 2008

I'm really good at this thing!

Sorry again!!! But the summer has started and we have moved to Provo. My life has calmed down considerably and Jerusha now has a mommy! She is also going to be a big sister but not until January 8th or so they say. I am actually sitting at the computer with Rachel asking her how to run this thing. She is quite helpful, considering I'd forgotten what the name of my blog even was. Wow, my brain!!! Anyway, James and I are living with his parents in Provo. We will become the official housesitters in September when Jay and Dana go to China to teach oral english at a university. They are very excited and a little nervous. James is enrolled at UVU (UVSC) and is part of the student council. He may also be an advisor for the "yell" leaders there but we have heard the official word on that one yet. I am enrolled in 2 online classes through Weber State and may actually (someday) get around to taking my LPN test to make it official. Jerusha is a busy little bee. She is a walking, talking (not audibly) and laughing little monster. We love her. She loves to read and swim in her little pool. She has recently decided that it's okay to play by herself. Her best friends are her teddy bear, my garbage can, and the 3 little rocks out in Jay's garden. Life is great! (and I will figure out the picture thing!)