Saturday, July 5, 2008

July 4th is over and can I say that I am quite relieved! We had so much fun! My morning started at 4:30am with Andrea and Magnum so that we would have a spot in the parade and the adventure just continued. We got to center street in Provo and were looking for a spot. The rules of the parade this year are that you can't set your stuff out until 5am and you have to be sitting with it and if you weren't sitting with it, it can be moved. Well, we found someones stuff that wasn't being attended and Magnum asked a cop if he could move it. The cop said yes so he did and we took the shady spot. Magnum was quite nervous for the confrontation and we came up with almost every scenario that we think of for a bad situation to happen. Well needless to say, we didn't come up with the one that happened. A little hispanic lady with her son approached us and in very broken English asked us who moved her stuff. Magnum admitted to it and she asked why. We told her that the
cops told us it was okay for us to move and that she needed someone to be sitting with her stuff. Her son was with her interpreting for us and she left to retrieve her things (4 chairs and a blanket) and came back. She set up one of her chairs right in front of Andrea in the middle of our stuff so I stood up and asked her to move it and apologized. She said " Sorry, no! You bad people!" We laughed for a little while and felt bad but we had gotten up and sat with our stuff for a seat in the parade and she could have too! (I hope not to offend anyone reading this!!!) Anyway, the parade was great!! Jerusha loved the bands and the big balloons. She danced to the music and plugged her ears for the sirens and gave Governor Huntsman a high five. She was very fun to watch! James walked with UVU as a stunt man and student council dude! Very good looking! Anyway, Love you all!