Wednesday, May 13, 2009

This is my cute family! We have been trying to take a family photo with the newest addition of Mallorie since she didn't look so newborn and without much planning, my dad got this one on Mother's Day. Don't I have one good lookin' family! As of lately, both James and I are looking for work. It's crazy! James finished school at UVU and started with Ashford- an accredited online school, and I am enrolled at UVU for next semester to take more prereq's or- if I get into the nursing program- the second year of my nursing program which we are praying hard for!!! We get to go to the Scandinavian Days down in Ephraim and are so excited to do it! We are setting up a booth to sell some chicken and potatoes and cotton candy. Such is life. We got to talk to my little brother- Elder Struthers in Finland and we determined that he doesn't speak english when he talks to us but finglish. It's the combination of english and finnish and wow!!!! He sounds so good! He has been out just over 10 months now and it seems to have gone by so fast! I love that elder and all the heart work he is putting into his work! We love you Ryan!