Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Family- that I love so dearly!

At the airport to get Jay and Dana. They had been awake for a day and a night and part of another day in China time by the time they went to bed Tuesday night.

We found them!

Not a moment in the day goes by where Jerusha isn't asking for milk! or something else edible- only usually after she spies something on the counter that looks good.

Mallorie liked the oranges although she couldn't get them.

Jerusha loved to help who ever was in the bouncer even when they didn't need the help. She thought they liked to swing...

I couldn't get Jackson to hold still long enough to smile for a picture. He goes to town in that bouncer.

"Yes, I got it! Now what?"

"Look Mom, he ate it!"

I have decided that I definitely have the cutest kids, nieces and nephews on the whole earth!!! About a month ago, my big (well, older) sister Michelle and her 3 (and almost a half- she's pregnant) children came to visit. I have to say that besides spending countless hours catching up and watching our children play together, the fact that she surprised us all with the visit (all but mom and dad and they kept the secret very well) was by far the best. During their stay, we all got to help Andrea and Magnum move to our old apartment and their new apartment, Castilleja hall on Snow campus. I actually did the babysitting while everyone else did the moving. Jerusha was beside herself with joy at friends that actually talk back and walk. (ones that she doesn't have to roll back over onto her back to see- Mallorie). Then this week, Jason, Vanessa and family went to Lake Powell for some house boating fun and we had the privledge of watching Jackson, their 8 month old baby boy. And what a good baby he is. I think my husband said it best as, "he doesn't cry." and that's the truth. Amiss all the baby fun, Jay and Dana came back from China. When they called us from San Fransisco, we asked them what they wanted for dinner- maybe something special. Their only request was a hamburger. They were easy to please that night. We grilled up some hamburger, showed off the babies they were meeting for the first time, and gave them a comforable bed to sleep on. I tell you, family is everything. I appreciate my family so much! I have realized lately how much my mom did for us as we were growing up. I love her so much and hope she knows that I appreciate the sacrifices she has made and continues to make to shows us she loves us. I love my husband so much! I have married the most imcredible man who has more ambition than anyone I have every met. I love him because he has made me a dreamer. His smile melts my heart and when he kisses me, I go weak at the knees. Icouldn't ask for a more supportive, happy and amazing husband for myself and father for my children. I love you, James!