Monday, February 21, 2011

I'm a slacker

I recently visited with a friend of mine that had some great insight for me, a great example of perserverance and news that she keeps up on my blog which I haven't updated in a long time. Well, here you go dear friend, and thank you for your visit and love. You are truly an amazing woman! Jerusha's birthday is coming up and she is so excited. Yesterday she informed me that she was already 4. I think she's way excited about being 4 and the party part is, while exciting, she can already hold up 4 fingers so, who cares, right? She also had a conversation with one of her primary teachers today that makes me smile. The conversation went something like this (while on the way to the bathroom) Jerusha: "Teacher, have you seen Heavenly Father?"  Her teacher: "Not in a long time." Jerusha: "I saw Heavenly Father yesterday. We played.  He is big." Her teacher wasn't sure what to say to that. Oh to be like a little child again! Mallorie is just crazy as ever now. She picks on Jerusha and Jerusha dishes it right back. She's become tons more snuggly than she used to be and wow, her face is animated. She loves Tammy and keeps a distance at the same time. Tammy, well, is much happier that she used to be. She loves to smile and giggle and be held. Oh the patience children teach!
James and I are, well, just trying to keep up with the girls. They are crazy and fun all at the same time and we just like to bask in their light! Well, good night world! Sleep tight and dream of spring time! I can't wait!