Tuesday, March 30, 2010

And the countdown continues...

So, for the last couple of days, I have been having contractions. They have been getting worse but nothing so far. We have 3 weeks left before D day but at our rate, we'll give it 1 more and see how far we get. Our house is looking up but we are yet waiting, again... for the official closing papers. We took a trip to Ephraim the other day and had to stop in Nephi for a potty break. Jerusha and I went in and while I was helping her onto the potty (in the somewhat crowded bathroom) she just looked up at me and smiled. She asked if I had to go potty to and I told her no and then I asked her "why are you so cute?" She responded as she usually does with "because I look like my mom!" and I just smiled bigger. Then it got better. She said "mom, say 'why are you so strong'?" so I asked her and she replied "because I look like my dad!" By this point I could hear some snickering in the bathroom but with all the chatter going on, I disregarded it. Then, the kicker, Jerusha says to me "mom, say 'why are you so crazy'?" I have never heard this one before so I asked her and she said, "because I look like my dad!" and she was so proud of it. This is when the roar of giggles and laughter in the bathroom just went without reserve. By this time we were done so we left the stall to wash and one lady said to me "wow, she's a great little talker." I just grinned at her and we got back on our way. I love Jerusha so much! She comes up with the funniest things and is becoming so creative. Well, keep eyes out for new baby posts. Hopefully, she'll be here soon!