Friday, March 5, 2010

Birthdays and bellies!

And we are back... We just got to watch Matthew off to the MTC for 2 whole years. He was ready to go and looked like a missionary. Ryan comes home in almost enough time to countdown individual days- the end of July, I think the 31st and wow, it's gone by fast. Our house in Ephraim is going and going, slow and steady. We are just waiting for the paper work to be finished and then we are going to move. Timeline-- March, work and school (for James)- April, have a baby and finals (for James)- May, move and Scandinavian Days (in Ephraim- come see us and have a delicious pork sandwich!) and that's about as far as we have really planned. We'll take the rest as it comes. Jerusha just had her 3rd birthday with a Tinkerbell Party. The best part is if you ask her, she'll tell you about the cupcakes which were about 10 minutes of the almost 4 hour event. and she'll still tell you that she's 2 and not 3. I don't think it's quite set in yet.

Quite a stud, huh!

The 10 minute cupcake excitement!

Baby Mags for you!

This is her. Cute, isn't she!!!

Mallorie loves the candy necklaces. She just struggles to find them under her chin.

My attempts to take a picture of my pregnant belly. Pathetic, can you tell?


Anonymous said...

That is dang adorable!! I love your pics! so you are for sure moving? that'll be way fun!!
i love you!