Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Hi friends
I thought I'd share something cool that I have been enjoying recently. Since Tammy's accidents, I have started using a essential oils. For Tammy, I use, daily, frankensense and lavender and so far, she has become much happier and what seems to me, more motivated. I also recently had a cold that was rapidly turning into a sinus infection. I could feel it creeping into my forehead from my nasal sinuses and i started to use lavender and eucalyptus oils and I got over it in a couple of days and I wasn't miserable, sick but not miserable for those days. My girls also had the same cold and have gotten over it with the same oils, granted they don't really enjoy the smell of either of those oils but they do love the back massages I've given them with the oils. They are wonderful! I have done lots of research on doTerra essential oils and realized that there are tons of oils for all sorts of ailments. From weight loss to depression, sleep aids and antiinflammatory, muscle tightness and so on. Email me if you have an interest in having oils in your home! I love them!